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General Goals:

Development of general mathematical theory and methodologies for human perception and cognition:
1. Stochastic processes, probability theory, and mathematical statistics
2. Differential geometry and topology
3. Linear & nonlinear dynamic system theory

Major Areas of Investigation:

Cognitive psychology and psychophysics including:
1. Visual pattern perception and signal detection
2. Face perception
3. Configurality and gestalt perception vs. separable and independent dimensions and features
4. Human decision and planning behavior
5. Short-term memory and visual search

Current and Recent Collaborations:

Note: Some of the following scientists participate in more than one area but only appear in one of their most salient contributions. Most if not all, have collaborated in the development of new theory-driven methodology, which we do not list here because of its ubiquity in the lab and number of investigators.

1. Decision Making
2. Gestalt Processing
  • Dr. Michael Wenger, University of Oklahoma
  • Dr. Joseph Houpt, Wright State University
  • Dr. Leslie Blaha, United States Airforce
  • James Pomerantz

3. Perception, Psychophysics and Action
  • Dr. Daniel Algom of Tel Aviv University, Israel
  • Dr. Ami Eidels of University of New Castle, Australia

4. Riemannian Manifolds
  • Dr. Bruce Solomon, Indiana University
  • Jennifer Aisbett, University of Newcastle
  • Amir Assadi, University of Wisconsin

Clinical Science: Development and application of mathematical models to clinical research phenomena

1. General Methodological Approaches To Clinical Science and Especially Schizophrenia
2. Autism Spectrum Disorders
3. Dyslexia
  • Dr. Sharlene Newman, Indiana University
  • Dr. Bethany Sussman, Michigan State University

4. Audition, Speech and Hearing
  • Dr. Jennifer Lentz, Indiana University
  • Dr. Nichols Altieri, Idaho State University
  • Dr. Noah Silbert, University of Cinvinnati

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