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Graduate Students
Prospective graduate students should see IU Psychology's graduate information page for application and general information.

Undergraduate Research Assistants
We're always looking for motivated and hard-working undergraduate research assistants interested in mathematical psychology. We can offer not only crucial research experience, but the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of key aspects of mathematical psychology through weekly discussions and presentations. Advanced students who have demonstrated strong a commitment to the laboratory may also design and conduct research.

Undergraduate Research Assistants in our lab participate at one of three levels:
1) running subjects, performing literature searches and carrying out library work;
2) participating in the responsibilities above and contributing to the weekly reading group.
3) participating in all of the above and taking on the responsibility of designing and implementing a study under the guidance of a graduate student or Prof. Townsend.

RA applicants should be responsible and willing to meet deadlines, and available to work in the lab 8-10 hours per week. Some mathematical background is a plus, but is not required. RAs may also receive coursework for P493/P494/P495 or Q493/Q494/Q495 by working in the lab.

If you are interested in working with us, download and fill out our application, then stop by the lab to chat (A312 Psychology).

Feel free to email us or call (812)855-1554 for further information. We look forward to talking to you.

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