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Student Research

Haiyuan Yang
My research interests are in the areas of configural information processing and human decision. I am currently working on two projects: One is generalizing Townsend’s Systems Factorial Technology (SFT) to make it include both the information of reaction time and accuracy when predicting the architecture of information processing (in collaboration with Joe Houpt). The other project is exploring the dependency between the processing of categorization and decision- making. One can think of dependency in this case as a form of cognitive configurality among internal processes or judgments (in collaboration with Noah Silbert).

Brett Jefferson
I am interested in studying perception as an abstract space with invariant properties. In addition to studying existing models that operate under this pretense, I am developing my own models that superimpose a particular spatial framework. This framework enables the tools of algebraic topology to be used to find shape characteristics associated with perceptual space.

Yanjun Liu
I am interested in understanding the underlying mechanism of the process decision-making. In past year, there are many theories and axioms predict how people make decisions in certain conditions (sure thing principle, context effect disjunction effect), but rarely tell us why people would follow such principle under certain condition. By understanding the underlying cognitive process can help us to reveal this mystery to some extend. My recent study is focus on the extension of application of SFT to preferential binary choice context.

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